Frequently Asked Questions


How do I stay up-to-date with new collections and styles?
Start by subscribing for our emails. You can locate the form to enter your email in the footer of our website. You can also find us on social media. We're on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest


What sustainable materials are you using?

EARTH Pieces: Black Cork and a custom printed cork.

AIR Pieces: Oxidized styled Cork.

WATER Pieces: Burlap (Jute) and Salmon Leather 

FIRE Pieces: rPET felt made from Recycled Plastic Water Bottles.


Why is it important that our pieces are made in America? 
I moved to America at the age of 8, America is very much my home and has helped make me the woman I am. We like the fact that we can help employ American workers to make our products. Since our sew shop is local, we also have much more oversight into the manufacturing process and can ensure that quality remains high. 


How do I care for my bags or accessories?

General Care: It is important to keep it clean at all times to maintain the original look and the rich feel.

Stain Removal: Spot cleaning with soap and water will remove most of the everyday stains without leaving any stain or color behind. 

Tough, stubborn stains can be removed by a mild cleaning fluid followed by clean water rinse.


How do you ship domestic packages and how much does it cost?
Please see our Shipping Information here.


Do you ship internationally?
At this time, we ship internationally to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and the EU. If you live in a different country and would like to place an order, email us at and we will do our best to accommodate you. 


What is your return and exchange policy?
Please see our Returns and Exchanges policy, located here


How do your products come packaged?
Glad you asked! Our bags and accessories are protected with a cotton canvas dust bag made from 100% cotton fabric which are reusable, recyclable and bio degradable. And our hangtags/care tag is made from plantable paper, so you'll be able to enjoy another gift on us! They come shipped to you in 100% Recycled 
boxes that are made from a mix of 95% post-consumer waste and 5% post-industrial waste. All shipping materials are made in the USA. 


Can I purchase a gift card online?
Absolutely! You can find the option for gift card purchases easily in our shop. 


What credit cards do you accept for online purchases?
We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.


Can I pay for my product with my PayPal account?
Yes, we offer a PayPal payment option. You can select this option when checking out.