Who Is Ife Medow? More About Us!

Who Is Ife Medow?

Hi everyone, my name is Toyin and I'm here to tell you a bit about my luxury sustainable brand Ife Medow and why I wanted to start it. I've been a woman in business as Your Life After 25 blogazine Founder and author of The Pocket Sous Chef, but I've always had a passion for fashion.  As a writer, I went by the pen name and alias Da Vinci.  While Da Vinci is very much a part of who I am, I wanted to be able to start  a brand that reflected me and my culture. I'm a half Nigerian and Ghanaian woman who was born in London, England yet raised in Atlanta, Georgia... yep it's quite a mouthful when people ask where I'm from, lol. But it is my diverse cultural background that has inspired me to start Ife Medow. Ife Medow is a sustainable bag and accessories line that also spells luxury. Inspired by my eclectic culture Ife Medow is where Made in the USA meets the African touch.

What Does Ife Medow Mean?

Ifẹ comes from the Yoruba, Nigerian, language and it means Love.  Medow is actually a phonetic spelling of  "My Love" from the Fanti, Ghanaian, language.  The Fanti language doesn't use all the same letters in the English alphabet so I made the decision to use the phonetic form. In reality Medow would look this way Me Dcdo.  It was important that the brand represent both my cultural backgrounds.

Why Made In America?

I came to the United States from England, where I was born, when I was 9 years old. America is very much home to me and as a person who still believes in the American dream, it's my way of helping enrich our economy and keep some jobs at home.

Why Did We Choose To Be Sustainable & Eco-Friendly?

Earth is our home planet, we only get one and while I'm still learning more ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, I knew I didn't want to start a business that was contributing to the problem. It's my hope that people will love our luxurious and quality made bags and accessories, while still embracing unique eco-friendly materials and fabrics. As a big advocate of social responsibility, this is just my way to do my part.

Who Is Ife Medow For?

Ife Medow will have bags and accessories that are for men, women and gender neutral.  Why not just make all the piece gender neutral?  Since each collection and piece will feature a Yoruba & Fanti wordier name that has a feminine, masculine or gender neutral orientation.  We wanted to keep in line with how each bag will represent the culture.  It's my aim to be able to share my culture with you all, in my own little way. I look forward to connecting with you all!

How To Connect With Ife Medow?

In the meantime be sure to follow Ife Medow on our various social pages and you'll be able to follow along with our brand journey on our blog. Be Sure To Help Spread The Word!

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