What Is Sustainability?

The term “sustainability” is being thrown around lately. There’s talk about the importance of it and how it affects the future of mankind and this planet. But people don’t really know or understand what the term actually means. Can you honestly say you can define what sustainability is? Probably not... But that’s okay because it’s a pretty broad term. It’s often been defined as how biological systems remain productive and diverse while enduring different conditions over time. But the term goes beyond these parameters and it now refers to the need to develop sustainable habits and models that’s necessary for the Earth and mankind to survive and thrive. Sustainability is a balancing act since new developments must not only meet the needs of the present, but must also not compromise future generations and their well-being. Back in 2000, the Earth Charter broadened the term even more by adding that sustainability is about a global society that respects nature, economic justice, universal human rights and a culture of peace. Because of this definition, mankind must now rethink its position on economic practice social responsibility and environmental protection to preserve the Earth and make it safe and sound for future generations. The old models of industrialization and consumption aren’t working anymore given the world’s population continues to grow at alarming rates. If we want to have enough water, natural resources and materials to survive, we have to do something about it now or else we’re going to be in trouble in the future. We need to develop a sustainable society that conserves energy, water and other natural resources, while coming up with new sustainable technology and development. As a society, we need to support sustainable businesses that are trying to make a difference in this world as they comply with sustainable regulations and rules to secure a better tomorrow. And one of the major issues when it comes to sustainability is climate change, and this involves a global society willing to act and change matters to make sure that we have a future on Earth.

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