What is Eco Fashion?

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If you do, you’re probably already aware of eco fashion that’s currently becoming a popular trend and discussion in the fashion industry. But many don’t realize just how important it is for our future on Earth. Eco fashion, also considered sustainable fashion, is a design philosophy and trend, with the end goal being to create a environmentally and ethical system that will have minimal impact on earth, while also being socially responsible. What this means is that everything that goes into creating the clothing items – from the sourcing of fabric and materials to how it’s made – is done so from an environmentally and social aspect. Materials used or grown naturally without any substances or chemicals and then they’re in turn made into clothing items at responsible places that don’t prey on the poor or weak. It’s a healthy alternative trend against fast fashion, which cuts corners at all ends to be able to provide the end user the cheapest price possible. Although a low-cost item might sound great, in retrospective it’s harming the environment and most likely hurting those who create the items. Items are not made by low-wage workers in third world countries who work in crappy conditions. Methods of productions do not cause the Earth harm and are carefully thought out to reduce its carbon footprint.

What is Eco Fashion?

Designers are now more conscious of their designs and brand as a whole as they work to introduce eco-conscious methods right from the beginning as they use environmentally friendly fabrics and materials and then make sure that their methods of production are socially responsible. This is considered to be “slow fashion,” and is gaining in popularity amongst designers and consumers. Some consumers also pledge to only buy eco-friendly fashions instead of fast fashion that harms the environment and takes advantage of its workers. And it’s a pledge that should be taken by more and more fashionistas. The fashion industry is actually the second largest cause of pollution globally and eco fashion can help minimize this sad fact.

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