Factory45 Week 8 and 9 Update: Production Partners, Tears and Packaging

In my week 7 update "Ife Medow Is Ready For Patterns and Sample Making!", Ife Medow reached a really exciting milestone because I was finally ready for finding a sample maker! *Does Happy Dance*.  While it was a very important step, the following weeks were even more polarizing. In week 8 we were challenged to find a production partner, fortunately for me my sample maker is also able to do small run production.  That's been a weight off my shoulder, but I still need to find a large batch production partner to make sure I'll be able to handle any really big orders that may come in.  One of my favorite mottos is "always be prepared for the unexpected".  As these weeks have been progressing I can hardly believe that I'm closer and closer to launching my kickstarter and officially launching my line. Week 9 was a CRAZY week, not just business wise but emotionally too. As many of you know, I'm a blogger by trade and I was working one Sunday when all of a sudden my computer shutdown and then it wouldn't turn back on.  Turns out my 500gb hard drive had failed on me... which meant I lost all my work as well as anything for this line that I hadn't printed or written down. I definitely bawled like a baby for, but as a woman of faith I picked myself up and got back to work.  It was a really tough week, but I knew that I really didn't have time to wallow or waste. I'm thankful for all the friends, family and classmates from Factory 45 that gave me words of wisdom and just provided a sense of encouragement and solidarity that reminded me that "I've GOT This"! Having a great support system is so key, I'm truly thankful. Once I pulled myself together, I was able to get back on track and decide on the packaging that I wanted for my Ife Medow collection. As a brand that is working to be as sustainable as possible, I wanted packaging to be recyclable or serve double duty. I'm excited to share that I was able to find EXACTLY what I wanted and feel that every customer will love how they receive their bags, wallets and accessories. One of my favorite pieces in our packaging is plantable paper, which I'll be using for my business cards and a few other surprises I have up my sleeve ;).

Factory45 Week 8 and 9 Update: Production Partners, Tears and Packaging

I love the idea of being able to plant something new instead of throwing our cards out. I hope that each and every one of you love this as much I do! It's been a rollercoaster but everything is really coming together nicely. And we actually start making Ife Medow samples in October so I can't wait to share those with you all! Be sure to follow @IfeMedow on social an sign up for our newsletter!  

Fabric Sneak Peek: AIR

Here is a look at my take on Earth, which is Atẹgun in Yoruba 🇳🇬  and NFarma in Fanti 🇬🇭.



Week 8 & 9 Accomplishments

Chose a sample maker, starting samples in October!

Finalized all packaging!

Finished and scheduled Email Newsletter (subscribe for a 10% discount & updates)

Chose a kickstarter start date ;) announcing soon!

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[…] progress I’ve been able to make and super ready to get my samples made! Last week I covered Factory45 Week 8 and 9 Update: Production Partners, Tears and Packaging, you got a chance to hear about some of the ups and downs I’ve been going through in on my […]

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