Factory45 Week 6 Update: Ife Medow Would Like To Get To Know You All!

In last week's update we discussed "What’s Our Niche and How Are We Branding?", it was a really enlightening week because I wanted to make sure that all my branding matched the vision for my brand. When I think about what I want Ife Medow to be, I picture a high end and affordable brand that has something for everyone. Ife Medow is an opportunity to share snippets of me and my culture with you all, while supporting businesses in America, promoting sustainability and great causes. Fashion is art and I'd love for Ife Medow supporters and wearers to be able to express themselves in my pieces.
This week I've been connecting with more of you and worked really hard to get to know some of our potential supporters.  I'm excited because I was able to put together the Ife Medow newsletter and schedule the first one to go out. It honestly feels so good to receive all the positive feedback and hear that people can't wait to see the line.  I've heard from men and women that they're looking forward to seeing my Ife Medow collection, hopefully this momentum will still be there when the line releases for pre-orders in April! I'll be reaching out to more friends, family, bloggers and influencers soon!  In the meantime, you can sign up for our newsletter below to keep up with behind the scenes updates and be sure to help spread the word!

Week 6 Accomplishments

Finished and scheduled Email Newsletter (subscribe for a 10% discount & updates)

Got my first blogger offer to interview me when the line releases

Connected with more bloggers

Finalized the fabric swatches I want to use for the 1st collection (I'll share that soon)

Finished more of my spec sheets! (only a few more to go, lol)


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[…] my last update I discussed how “Ife Medow Would Like To Get To Know You All!“.  It’s important to me that I’m able to connect with each support of the Ife […]

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