Factory45 Week 4: Don't Believe Me Just Swatch!

Last update I covered how much "I Need Supplies!!!", it's really been an amazing and intricate journey laying the ground work for Ife Medow. In the last update I told you all about how I was reaching out to suppliers. It was scary at first but with all the tools I'd learned from Factory45, I felt ready to take up the task.  After organizing my list of potential fabric/materials that I wanted to use, I set out to email everyone and then I ordered swatch, upon swatch, upon swatch LOL. In fact, at this point my apartment probably looks like a fabric store. I can't really explain the satisfaction that I felt when I received my first fabric swatches, I really wanted to cry because my dream began to feel like more of a reality.

Ife Medow Fabric Swatch

I've spent so much time sketching bags, wallets, etc and finally being able to FEEL the fabric really brought it all home. I feel incredibly blessed and excited about  how everything is coming together. So far I can say that I'm really into Burlap, Corks, and checking out some Hemp. We'll see how things continue to develop. Be sure to keep up with our Ife Medow journey and tell a friend to tell a friend!  

Week 4 Accomplishments

Received Swatches

Continued fabric research

Brainstormed and mapped out the vision for future Ife Medow pieces in the collection

Connected with my accountability partner!

Finish more than half of my spec sheets!

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Posted on September 29, 2016 By Factory45 Week 5 Update: What's Our Niche and How Are We Branding? - Ife Medow

[…] our week 4 update “Don’t Believe Me Just Swatch!” you got to see a sneak peek of some of the fabric options that I’ve been looking into. […]

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