Factory45 Week 2: I'm A Material Girl!

Last week I covered week 1 of my Factory45 course and what I had learned so far. It's amazing how much I was able to soak up and sort through in just a week.  I can honestly say that week 1's lessons helped me shape my vision a lot more.  For someone like me, my mind is constantly moving and trying to process or execute all my ideas.  So with this course I've been able to focus and hone in on what exactly needs to be done and when.  I'm glad that Shannon has everything structured in a way that forces me to pace myself.

I'm A Material Girl!

Is this week's lessons we learned a lot about sustainable fabric and materials.  It really gave me a great overview and understanding of how I want to move forward with the Ife Medow line. I've been doing tons of fabric/materials research so I can prepare myself for my sourcing journey next week.  Each step is making me more excited about what I have in store for you all! Another thing that I thought about is how sustainable each piece would be and the debate of vegan vs. non-vegan.  In the end I decided that Ife Medow will not be an all vegan collection, but we will make sure we're using ethical sourcing methods. So much to consider and so little time, can't wait to share what I learn in Week 3! For now, I'll just keep brainstorming and tweaking ideas. Check out my week 2 accomplishments below.

Factory45 Week 2: I'm A Material Girl!

Week 2 Accomplishments

Started Fabric Research

Dug deeper into the theme for the first Collection!!!

Brainstormed the vision for Ife Medow

Connected with my accountability partner

Got 78 likes on one of our Instagram Posts!

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