Factory45 Week 18 Update: Planning My Launch Strategy!

Photo Credit The Millennium Gate Museum

It's amazing how much goes into launching a new business. As I've gone through my journey of making my own sustainable fashion brand, I have a huge respect for other designers. But I have an even bigger respect for designers that go the extra mile to create eco-friendly and sustainable brands. Designing is just one aspect of what I've been doing in my Factory 45 journey and not it's time to prepare for launch. On my last update "Factory45 Week 16 and 17 Update: Planning A Media Strategy and Prepping For Production", I glossed over it but now I'm having to dig deeper. As I've shared I'll be launching Ife Medow on Kickstarter in April of 2017, that may sound so far away but trust me time flies! As I'm planing my launch strategy; I've been putting together photoshoot ideas, finishing the samples and then deciding if hiring a PR Agency is the right fit for me and my brand. One of the greatest things I've accomplished over the last 2 weeks is getting my Kickstarter Page setup, I'm about 65% done with it lol. It's been a blessing to have the support of my Factory 45 classmates and our teacher Shannon has given me invaluable feedback. I can't wait to share more updates of this launch journey and I SHOULD have my first samples picture to share within the next 5-6 weeks! What a wonderful birthday present to myself that would be. In the mean time, I appreciate everyone's positive feedback and love so far. THANK YOU!

[ICYMI] Ife Medow is where "Made in the USA meets the African touch"

Here is a peek at the the African Print lining that will be used in our Water pieces. Each piece will be just as beautiful on the inside as the outside.

Factory45 Week 18 Update: Planning My Launch Strategy!


Week 18 Accomplishments

Started working on an 1 additional Ife Medow piece

Tweaked Sample Making Timeline

Continued working on new site

Continued working on kickstarter page

Finished and scheduled Email Newsletter (subscribe for a 10% discount & updates)

Worked with photographer on finding photoshoot locations!

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