Factory45 Week 10 and 11 Update: How Much Will My Products Cost and Blog Love!

Can you believe I'm already updating you on week 10 and 11's progress of my Factory 45 course? It's been an amazing journey and I can't express how much this class has been a blessing. I'm so excited about all the progress I've been able to make and super ready to get my samples made! Last week I covered Factory45 Week 8 and 9 Update: Production Partners, Tears and Packaging, you got a chance to hear about some of the ups and downs I've been going through in on my journey and see a bit about how I plan to package the Ife Medow brand.

Factory45 Week 8 and 9 Update: Production Partners, Tears and Packaging

When I decided to create Ife Medow, I set out on a mission to produce a luxurious line made from quality and as many sustainable materials as I could incorporate while being stylish. I've found that when many people think of eco-friendly brands they either think minimalistic or EXPENSIVE! While the Ife Medow brand is luxury, I've chosen not to mark up my bags and accessories exponentially. I want Ife Medow to be affordable luxury, a high end bag line that can stand beside others like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, etc but not cost thousands of dollars for 1 bag.  It was important for me to consider cost when choosing the materials I wanted to work with. Finding the balance between style, sustainability, quality and cost was crucial! I even made sure to incorporate RFID blocking into all the pieces in the first collection and will work hard to keep adding them to future collections where it's needed. I've now gotten to a place where I have finalized the fabric, hardware, packaging, etc and now the only thing I'm waiting to find out is how much the labor will cost to produce each piece.

Factory45 Week 10 and 11 Update: How Much Will My Products Cost and Blog Love!

For me, I wanted to make sure that Ife Medow would be working with ethical factories that compensate their works properly and allow them to work in safe and fair working environments. There are so many brands out there that are running sweatshops, treating workers unfairly or using unethical practices. While I still have a lot to learn, I know that I want to run my company and brand in the best way possible. Ife Medow is dedicated to incorporating sustainable materials, working with companies that use ethical practices and making doing production in America.  Over the past few months I've been blogging about my journey in hopes that you all will follow along and feel like you're a part of the process, I'm super thankful for all the blog and social media love you've all been showing me and will definitely continue to update supporters of the Ife Medow brand as much as I can. Until next post, make sure to follow us on social and sign up for the newsletter :)

Week 10 & 11 Accomplishments

Decided on initial product prices, nothing solid till after samples are made!

Started looking at hardware for the bags, LOVING the options!

Finished and scheduled Email Newsletter (subscribe for a 10% discount & updates)

Started reaching out to bloggers and influencers, feedback has been amazing!


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