Emma Watson Brings Sustainability To Red Carpet Fashion

When we think of the Met Gala, we expect our favorite celebs to walk the red carpet in head-turning couture designs created by some of the industry’s top-tier talent.  This year, we saw innovation in Claire Danes’ illuminated Zac Posen gown and Karolina Kurkova’s tweet-powered dress.  But one innovative twist that no one expected was Emma Watson’s glamorous, eco-friendly gown. The black and white off-the-shoulder dress with pants was a gorgeous fashion statement in its own right.  But the fact that it was created from recycled plastic bottles made it even more astonishing.  The gown was created by Calvin Klein and Eco Age, and it served to reuse plastic in a positive way.  Plastic is one of the biggest environmental pollutants.  But even the smallest details, from the zipper to the organic silk lining, were created with sustainability in mind.
She posted the dress on her Instagram account with the hashtag #30Wears.  She plans to reuse the look by wearing the pants, bustier, and train separately. For those who think this was just a way to grab headlines, think again.  Watson has a pretty extensive history of rocking eco-friendly designs on the red carpet.  Her dedication to sustainable fashion dates back to 2010. Then, she released a 24-item collection in partnership with People Tree.  The collection used recycled materials and organic cotton in the clothing construction.  And all of the pieces were created by fair-trade groups.  Watson even traveled to Bangladesh to meet the makers of her line’s clothing.
In partnership with Eco Age, Watson joined Cate Blanchett and Colin Firth for the Green Carpet Challenge.  The Green Carpet Challenge is a collaboration between Eco Age and luxury fashion designers.  The celebrities taking part in the challenge have committed to only wearing sustainable looks for all red carpet events.
During the press tour for her movie Regression, Watson gladly took on the challenge.  For example, she wore a Ralph Lauren skirt and top because of the company’s commitment to not using fur products.  Her jewels were from Cartier.  The luxe jewelry brand is known for its sustainable business practices.  And her Paul Andrew shoes were handmade in Italy like all of the shoemaker’s products. Watson was reportedly inspired by Andrew Morgan’s documentary, The True Cost. The film focused on the increasing environmental and human sacrifices necessary to bring fast fashion to the masses.  The movie, which is certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes, moved Watson to action.  An August Vanity Fair article predicted that The True Cost would most likely never reach the young audience that so gravely needs to see it.  But Watson’s on a mission to make sure that young people all over the globe understand the implications of cheap clothing.
Sustainable fashion is often thought of as the responsibility of the designers and large companies.  Consumers think it’s up to the creators of their favorite pieces to handle that job.  But Emma Watson reminds us that we too are responsible.  By choosing sustainable goods for our own purchasing, we can send the fashion industry a big message.

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