With the year that has gone like the wind, many changes has occurred in the world few negatives but some positives as well. These changes has also shook some leaves in the world of beauty. With increasing consciousness about the environmental conditions and selection of “Greenery” as Pantone color of the year, the beauty industry has also taken a fresh start ditching all the heavy and cakey makeup and switching to light and sustainable beauty. These clean beauty trends are expected to sway spring 2017. Some of these trends which are easily attainable are listed below.


This year life is about the no make-up make-up look. No cake face, no heavy foundation or concealers. Rather than focusing on hiding the facial flaws, it is about enhancing the natural curves and features of the face. Using light BB creams, CC creams, DD creams or light coverage foundation is the way to go this spring. Tarte’s Amazonian clay BB tinted moisturizer is the best option, saves time, is cruelty free and gives “my skin but better” look by being not so heavy on skin.



Runway has portrayed peach as the natural colour of cheeks. Giving soft look, showing signs of healthy and lively skin. It is far better option than crazy strobing and contouring that is the fashion of past year. As dewy skin is in, preference to liquid tints and cream blushes should be given.


Goddess like glow was achieved by highlighting the high points of the cheek bones, on the brow bone, on the Cupid’s bow, tip and bridge of the nose. This helps to reflect the light from the face making face look velvety and radiant.



Ditch the conventional liquid liner or felt tip pens and switch to using eyeshadow with an angled brush and focusing on only outer corners of upper-lid of the eye with soft strokes can provide subtler cat-eye, helping to elongate the eye shape without seeming to harsh for spring season.

Tight-lining the upper and lower water line of the eye with black eyeliner and smudging it near the lines for softer look is seen on the runway bringing back grungy style. Elf eyeliners are best for the tight-lining purposes.



Pencil drawn, square shaped eyebrows are not in trend any more but there place has been taken by bold and bushy eyebrows which can either be achieved by drawing in the eyebrow shape and brushing afterwards or micro blading referring to tattooing of eyebrow which is semi-permanent but makes eyebrow on fleek.


Instead of glossy lips its now glossy eyes. Many brands have introduces new eye gloss product that brings warm and feeling of luxury when applied on top of the eyes helping them to look healthier than normal. [source]



By keeping everything else shiny and glowy, bold lips act as contrasting factor that is unusual for spring season but helps to tie down the look without being overdone. These bold lips can either be single toned or two toned. To achieve effortless sustainable look.


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