7 Ways To Live A Sustainable & Healthy Lifestyle

Cut off all the extra expenses in your life by adjusting to some or all of the following effective and tested ways of living a sustainable life. Note that this does not entirely mean that you are not living a good life but by evaluating your life, you will realize that there are some costs and remedies that will help you improve your life style.

Adapt indoor and balcony gardening 

Your life in the city can be made much cheaper if you adopt the current trends of indoor and balcony farming.  Rather just using your balcony or the backyard for flowers and resting haven it would be wise to make them your urban garden. There are different methods of practicing the balcony and the indoor gardening, and this will not cost you lots of money especially after the first harvest. Try any of the balcony farming and reduce your cost of feeding.  This will enable you to live a more affordable life in town. More to the cheap production you will also experience the sweetness and taste of fresh, crunchy flesh-plucked vegetables, sweet tubers and meltingly ripe fruits. You will also enjoy improved air quality hence and cool temperature.

Adapt paleo-diet and keep the doctor away

Get to the cheap and most effective ways of living health by adjusting to paleo-diets. The popularity of the paleo diet is attributable to numerous researchers that blame the escalation of degenerative diseases such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's and obesity among others, on consumption of most manufactured diets. The crux of these studies is that uncontrolled consuming of refined food, transfats, and sugars among other unhealthy food options has resulted in the above diseases. However, it is possible to avoid these by living like the paleolithic man who is often described an athletic, outdoorsy and versatile by adopting his diet. Therefore, avoid most of the refined dishes and drinks and live a healthy and longer life.

Spend some few minutes of your free time in gym

After your tiring day of work, don`t just collapse on your couch, bed or just order your drinks. Relieve yourself by taking a few minutes to the gym and other exercise activities. Gyms bring you social, physical and psychological benefits. Jack-in-the-box, thrust, sissy squats, mirror boxing, dumbbell runners, rocking press ups and many others are the some valuable and engaging GYM exercises that fight off potential depression and help you live a more sustainable life.  By scheduling a few minutes to GYM activities, you will cut off the extra expensive you might end up spending in hospital bills.

7 Ways To Live A Sustainable & Healthy Lifestyle

Simplify and donate your unneeded possession 

Do you know that you might be incurring lots of extra expenses from you unwanted assets? For instance, if you still hold your old furniture after bargaining for new ones then you cannot live in a small house as they are occupying much of your space. Other extra expenses that you might be incurring are the cost of maintenance of your cars while you can still operate with one car. Therefore, it would be advisable to get rid of everything that you don’t use or entirely require to live a comfortable life.  By getting rid of your unwanted house possessions you will realize that you no longer need a big house and this will be more affordable and every increase your savings.

Reduce your waste 

Have you ever noted you spend extra cost whenever you go to shopping without your pack bag? Well, you end up incurring the cost that you could have avoided by just carrying your pack bag. Recycling the pack bags will also reduce the much money you spend to the garbage collectors.  The recycling will also reduce the cost you might incur due to environmental pollution.

7 Ways To Live A Sustainable & Healthy Lifestyle

Go green by driving less

Relying on your private transport on any distance outside your house makes your life more comfortable. However, it would be nice when you understand that every distance that you car covers counts on your pockets. The more the distance you cover with your car, the more money you end up spending. Therefore, it would be wise to reduce your personal driving and use public transport system whenever possible. For a short distance, always stick to walking or adapt to the use of a bike and a carpool. These simple tricks will increase your savings and might also reflect on your interest if you save the extra in the bank.

Skip bottled water

All water companies endeavor to maximize their profit by creating a bad picture of tap water. The bad picture of direct tap water forces many people to spend lots of money in bargaining for bottled water. However, it is good to think of the many precautions that water companies takes before running water to your faucet. Though the water might contain some impurities, filtering and the use of the modernized water dispensers are healthier and affordable ways rather than always bargaining for bottled water.  Avoiding bottled water also helps in aquatic conservation hence increase the number of aquatic life. This will reflect in increased number of fishes thereby reducing the cost of fishes due to their abundance.

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