3 Eco-Friendly Celebs Who Are Fighting For The Environment

When it comes to Hollywood, we’re inundated with article after article about who’s taking home the big bucks and who’s dating who.  But rarely do we get to see the environmentally conscious side of our favorite celebs.  Despite the superficial stories that clog our newsfeeds, here are three A-listers who are truly making a difference in the fight to protect Mother Nature.

Leonardo DiCaprio

After a lucrative career that spanned almost three decades and contained some of the most memorable performances of our time, Leonardo DiCaprio was still remarkably Oscar-free when it came to critical recognition for his work.  That all changed in early 2016 when he took home the Best Actor Oscar for his work in The Revenant.  But instead of using his acceptance speech to reflect on his win, he used the platform to shine a very public spotlight on the effects of global warming.  He detailed how he and director Alejandro González Iñáttitu had to travel to the southern tip of the planet to shoot movie scenes in the snow.  He’s also been known to frequently tweet about environmental issues.  But his contribution goes deeper. DiCaprio created the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and donated $30 million of his own money to aid the United Nations in climate negotiations and help increase public awareness about climate change.  He marched with 400,000 people at the 2014 People’s Climate March in New York.  Reportedly, the actor’s interest in biodiversity started when he was just a child.

Jessica Alba

Though many of us may know her as the gorgeous and feisty vixen of films like Fantastic Four and Sin City, Jessica Alba has become one of the most powerful forces in Hollywood thanks to her contribution to the environment. Along with Christopher Gavigan, Alba founded The Honest Company in 2011 to create family and baby products that were both free of dangerous chemicals and ethically made.  The non-toxic household products are a staple in the movement for ethical consumerism and include items like diapers with plant-based layers and hypoallergenic, vegan bubble bath. Alba is also actively involved in environmental charities like Safer Chemicals Healthy Families.

Stella McCartney

Though Stella McCartney is well-respected for her forward-thinking designs, it’s her eco-friendly approach that truly sets her apart from the rest of the fashion pack. Her brand vision starts with the end.  She aims to create well-made clothing that will last for years.  Fast fashion, despite being cheap and on trend, isn’t long-lasting or sustainably made.  These items are often quickly disposed and contribute to the growing masses at landfills around the globe.  McCartney’s company also uses renewable energy to power its stores, uses wind energy to power its UK offices and studios, and runs almost half of its operations on green energy. But the brand’s conscious practices don’t stop at design and energy.  Recycling is also a major company focus.  In 2012, it was reported that over 34 metric tons of waste from the brand were either reused or recycled.  All locations have a recycling system in place. Though there are many more celebrities aiming to use their influence for environmental good, these 3 stand out for their full commitment and constant use of their platform to change the way we treat our Earth.

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